Dog & Cat


The cattery building is light & airy. Each pen has one wall comprised mostly of glass. Opening windows cover 50% of each side of the building. These are opened whenever the weather allows. Each pen has a wide shelf that the resident guest can sit on & view the gardens & wildlife bordering both sides of the building.
The majority of the pens are designed for single cats. However, there are several larger pens which can accommodate two or more cats from the same family. (Cats from different families are never housed in the same pen.)
There is a choice of bed for each pen … an “igloo”, where shyer cats can feel safer, or open beds for the more gregarious types. We are happy for owners to bring bedding from home … quilts are fine but we draw the line at double beds. Personal toys & treats are also welcome.
We stock many main brands of both dry & tinned foods. The cost of food is included in the daily boarding rate. We will endeavour to supply your food of choice if you inform us of dietary requirements at the time of booking.

Heat lamps are provided in all pens, & are available upon request at any time of the year.
We board cats every day of the year.
We employ no staff. This ensures a personal service … your cat will be cared for by Marcia or me.


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